Awareness Testimonials

Sophy – I completed the therapist melanoma awareness course these ladies provide today and it was so eye opening. So many things i didnt know or realise could be associated with melanoma. I now feel more confident in potentially advising my clients if i see anything untoward. Lovely ladies and gave me a lot of info!

Lucy – I attended the Melanoma workshop for therapists yesterday as part of my CPD. The workshop was excellent and gave me knowledge about melanoma that I didn’t have before. Giving me the confidence to advise my clients when necessary. I am already sharing what I’ve learnt with my family!

Rebecca – So important to raise awareness of skin cancer. Especially when having a tan is wrongly viewed as healthy. Thanks to a beautician I was lucky to have a mole removed early enough, keep up the good work!

Dawn – Simple, effective and informative. The information that is distributed has most defiantly made me more aware of this condition and how it can easily happen to any one of us, and what to look out for. Fab resource and I’m sure this will continue to help people look out for any warning signs and to get them.checked out, and hopefully help save lives. Well done so far!

Denise – Very informative and does make you check, made me go and get checked and so glad I did, we need this to spread awareness,

Simone – I am a hairdresser and I Completed this course today and so pleased I did. There is so much more to know about melanoma than we imagine, it can’t always be a simple ‘cut it out ‘ and not typically moles that you might imagine, brilliant course the girls are fabulous and doing an amazing job, we all need to become more knowledgeable on this subject we should all attend this course. I’ve signposted clients to get checked out already and my husband and daughter. Thank you ladies for a fantastic informative day

Sarah – Excellent 5*spf Awareness Course attended this morning, highly professional, well balanced, informative, I am more prepared with knowledge during my Holistic Treatments to advise my ladies if need be!

Lisa – Thank you for today ladies … awareness is important and more courses on this is essential. Would totally recommend it.

Michael – Just loved listening to two brave ladies talk about there experiences they have had to deal with. …people need educating about how serious this form of cancer can be.