Although the ABCDE model is a good guide to follow, MelanomaMe. Promote the ‘E’ for evolution. The reason for this is because melanoma follows it’s own rules and can have a tendency to ‘slip through the net.’ Many melanoma’s may not follow the ABCD rules and can look innocent. However, if you notice change (evolution) this should be taken seriously and checked by your GP. Unfortunately GP’s can not be experts in every aspects of practice and are often hoodwinked by a seemingly innocent looking lesion. However, you have the right to a second opinion, so follow your gut instinct and request a referral to a dermatologist.


Change needs checking
Nodular Melanoma don’t always follow the ABCD model. They can be perfectly symmetrical, have clear, defined borders, be of a consistent colour and small in size.

However change needs checking. Nodulars are very aggressive, grow beneath the surface as well as above. Time is of the essence, as once in the blood and or lymphatic system can travel anywhere on or IN your body.

If you see something changing-growing, shrinking, changing colour, sensation, it’s worth getting it checked. #promoteearlydetection #vigilanceisthekey #changeneedschecking#howtosavealife