Back Story

MelanomaMe. Community Interest Company (CIC) was founded as a result of Kerry’s story and the journey Elaine shared with her as her friend and colleague. It became evident that more support and counselling for both patients and carers were needed. We focus on supporting our clients by providing a service where all staff have either personal experience or knowledge of Melanoma.

As of May 2019 Melanoma-Me Foundation (charity) was founded to work alongside MelanomaMe., by providing all free services, while MelanomaMe. provides the awareness.

The reason for sharing Kerry’s story is for a few reasons, one, to raise awareness and to show people that Melanomas are not always obvious. Two, to reaffirm the need for psychological support for patients and carers, from an organisation that truly understands the complexity and trauma involved in diagnosis and living with Melanoma.

To read Kerry’s story click here.

If anyone would like their stories published please email us or click here to use our Share Your Story page, we would love to share your story to help raise awareness of Malignant Melanoma.