Jade – Such an amazing service to bridge a big gap. Supporting those with MM is an amazing achievement.

Shirley – I think what you are doing is amazing. There is not enough awareness of any cancers out there. Being a cancer survivor it wasn’t until I had it that I knew about the signs and symptoms. So to have this post is going to save lots of lives. And I have to be honest I never knew what a malignant mole looked like until this post. Thanks for this and if anyone I know ever mentions a mole problem I have this knowledge to help others to do thank you.

Sandra – diagnosed with melanoma in July 2017 …good on the people who have set this up and thank you for my inbox to say you’s are always here for me to talk to.

Ashleigh – Think what you are doing is amazing. People’s stories that I’ve read massively hit home and make you realise what the effects that using sunbeds actually has. I don’t use sunbeds often but the stories has made me realise they aren’t even worth the risk.

Dawn – Simple, effective and informative. The information that is distributed has most defiantly made me more aware of this condition and how it can easily happen to any one of us, and what to look out for. Fab resource and I’m sure this will continue to help people look out for any warning signs and to get them.checked out, and hopefully help save lives. Well done so far!

Denise – Very informative and does make you check, made me go and get checked and so glad I did, we need this to spread awareness,