Our Care and the Community Skin.cancer Prevention in Families (SPF) 5* Awards can be achieved as either a SPF 5* Award or SPF 5* Gold Award; with a certificate presented on completion of both awards achieved. We take a person-centred approach, with a one stop service from the awareness through to support and referrals, for those effected by skin cancer. The SPF 5* award  achieved by completing our awareness session, by either, a 2 hour drop in session or a 1 1/2 hr presentation, delivered by MelanomaMe. To achieve the SPF 5* Gold Award, care organisation will be required to complete the awareness session as stated in the SPF 5* Awards, as well as completing a risk assessment set out by our health and safety professional. This is to identify risk factors in all areas of sun protection and developing ideas to minimise these risks. All care organisations (with their consent) that completes our awards, will promoted on our social media pages. For more information and prices, please click here