What Melanoma-Me Foundation offer

Melanoma-Me Foundation offer free counselling, one-to-one/group support and holistic therapies to all those affected by Malignant Melanoma and other forms of skin cancer within the North East of England. We also offer telephone or Zoom Counselling to those within the UK (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland).



A melanoma diagnosis can be a time of extreme uncertainty - not only for you but also your loved ones. Melanoma-Me Foundation provide a counselling service to support you on your individual journey. While we cant change your experience, we can walk with you on your journey and help you to feel a level of support and understanding. We integrate different models of counselling in a person centred, individualistic way. We also provide grief counselling for those who have lost to the disease as well as people facing the heartache of end of life. All of our counsellors have a wealth of knowledge around the disease.


We provide a supportive service for people who may not necessarily wish to engage in counselling. Our support team all have a good insight into melanoma and how it can affect yours and your loved ones lives. We are available for one to one for pre-arranged appointments (just drop us an email!)


Our group support is pivotal in bringing people together who are living with melanoma, loved ones and for those who have lost to the disease. We have been running the groups both online and face to face during lockdown and beyond.
The groups have included:
• Meditation
• Havening Techniques (working to reduce trauma)
• Dream interpretation
• Creative work
• Family therapy amongst many other themes.


Raising awareness of Melanoma and the dangers surrounding UV (ultraviolet) is also a big part of our aim at MelanomaMe., as the last research shows melanoma is 86% preventable. Therefore, we provide awareness sessions to local businesses, beauty, health & wellbeing industry, schools, colleges/universities, public sector workers, outdoor groups/workers and members of the public through our SPF 5* Awards presented as presentations, drop in sessions and workshops. We currently have had a full diary of work place bookings over the summer period with mainly mix of presentations and drop in sessions for their staff. We are hoping to expand on this in the coming months and next year. We have had a great deal of feedback and we are pleased to say all has been positive.

If you would like further information or to make an appointment, please contact us by clicking here

If you wish to donate and help us in providing free counselling, support, awareness sessions, groups and holistic therapies for all those effected by Melanoma, please donate by clicking here.

Important Notice

Although this is something we tried our best to avoid unfortunately due to a lack of funding we have regrettable had to make a decision of asking for a minimum donation of £5 per counselling session. Although this won’t cover the total costs of providing our clients and their loved ones with ongoing counselling sessions, it will help us with the cost of maintaining counselling rooms, paper work, telephone call, online services, training and supervision. We understand counselling can be expensive which is why we have kept it to a suggest minimum.

Our face to face counselling is an open ended service; meaning our counselling will be available as long as you require this support.

We also offer telephone & zoom counselling to those from around the UK (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland). However, we are only able to offer a maximum of 10 sessions to reduce the risk of waiting times, as we know how important getting to speaking to a counsellor as quick as possible can be, (this does not apply to existing clients during the Covid-19 lockdown)

We are hoping that the suggested donation is temporary and when things settle down, we are able to access funding to be able to provide free counselling again.

Thank you from all the Melanoma-Me Foundation team