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Supporting Patients and Their Families Affected by Melanoma and Skin Cancer Tel: 0191 4922211 or email

Your Stories


I’d like to share my story with you if that’s ok….it’s taken me a few years to be able to feel ok with talking about it.

It was September 2015 I had just got back from a trip to America when I noticed a mole on my chest that didn’t look right and had started to spread across my chest, I booked a doctors appointment and straight away was put on emergency referral to the RVI dermatology within 2 days I was having a biopsy on my chest but also I had a few other moles taken out as precaution. I was told at the time “ if you hear from us within the week it’s all ok but if not we will see you back here on Friday” come the Thursday night I knew that something wasn’t right. However nothing could of prepared me for the shock that was about to follow.

The Friday arrived and I was sat in a room to be told “ you have malignant melanoma” the mole on my chest was benign but the other ones taken as precaution were cancer. I was 30 years old and told I have cancer was the most strange out of body experience I could of had, the only words I can describe it as was numbing, I didn’t cry didn’t say anything except “ am I going to die” I was taken immediately to oncology and surgery where they cut every bit of cancer out of me however it was another 7 months of operations and countless biopsies and more diagnosis’s of moles that where cancerous. All of a sudden it was second nature to be in hospital being cut open, my body was covered in scars that I probably arrogantly never thought would happen to me.

Nobody could understand how I felt because I had my hair and had to continue life like nothing was wrong I was ok but inside I was anxious, sad, broken and tired and every time I looked at my children who relied on me for everything I would have to leave the room to cry in case I didn’t get to see them grow up.

I finally had my last 10 biopsies in March 2016 and 10 biopsies come back clear. I felt a bit of relief that maybe I was going to be ok.

I’m now 2 years into 5 years remission I still worry every single day that it’s going to come back sometimes I wake up in the night overcome with anxiety that I’m going to die but I feel lucky that I was sensible enough to go to the doctors and that saved my life, I’m under care for 5 years where every 3 months I have my lymph nodes checked and skin and see a dermatologist aswell. I’m now having my 3rd child and life is good. I’ve had reconstructive surgery on my chest but that didn’t work however it’s a small price to pay for your life. I’d like people to know the dangers of sunbeds, sun. And be sure to wear protection. I alsways did but it happened to me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Thank you for having the strength to sharing you journey and show how important it is to get moles/lesions checked if you notice any changes at all.

Online Training

Melanoma-Me Foundation’s ‘Skin-cancer Prevention in Families (SPF) 5* Awards’ is an online course designed to educate people in the beauty, health and wellbeing industry on how to recognise the signs of skin cancer.