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Supporting Patients and Their Families Affected by Melanoma and Skin Cancer Tel: 0191 4922211 or email

Your Stories

Lisa’s Story

I’d noticed a new tiny as small as a pencil dot mole on my arm whilst 6 months pregnant, I wasn’t alarmed or worried because I know everything gets a bit darker and skin changes when pregnant.

Growing up red headed and fair skinned you could always guarantee I was the lobster of the group come summer, I only wish now I really knew the dangers of not wearing the correct sun protection.

Anyway at my six week check post baby, I just mentioned the mole to the gp, she too wasn’t worried as it just looked like a nice normal mole, but referred me anyway because it was new.

I saw the dermatologist a week later, had the mole removed and she too said you will get the results in the post you won’t need to see me again, this mole looks fine. 2 weeks later I got a call from a consultant who asked me to come in ASAP. That’s when I panicked.

I can honestly say that at that moment even though he didn’t say anything, my first thought was ‘I’m going to die’ what about my children, who will my daughter have to do her hair, my autistic son totally depends on me, what about my son starting secondary , a million thoughts just flooded me.

The next day I went in to be told it was skin cancer, I can’t remember the jargon they used but it was thought to be only 1mm deep and caught early, I remember being very calm and quite zoned out as she was speaking to me … there was a Macmillan nurse there to , to offer support .. at that moment I just thought there nothing I can do now, so now I just have to be strong and go with …

Totally feel like I’m rambling on now … anyway … they cut all of that cancer away in two operations …. various biopsy’s from other bits of skin , an operation on my stomach as they thought a lump that had evolved on an old scar may have been linked, now on to 6 monthly checks … and I’m hoping and praying that’s it .

I won’t lie and say this hasn’t changed me, I do live in fear a little now … my scars ache in the cold , and my kids go to school looking like snowmen ( covered head to foot in sun cream) … but I’m here , and I’m here to stay 😉

Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your story and we wish you all the very best.

Online Training

Melanoma-Me Foundation’s ‘Skin-cancer Prevention in Families (SPF) 5* Awards’ is an online course designed to educate people in the beauty, health and wellbeing industry on how to recognise the signs of skin cancer.